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If you have fixed a bug, please inform us! We can be reached through the Paris traceroute Google Group ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or via the #paris-traceroute chat channel on IRC (

If you are interested in becoming a Paris traceroute developer, please visit the Paris traceroute code development site . We welcome people who are motivated to contribute to free, open-source software development in general and who are interested in network measurement tools in particular.

Google Summer of Code 2012

News (March 2012): Paris Traceroute is proud to be participating in the  Google Summer of Code 2012 under the "umbrella" of  Measurement Lab , or M-Lab. We welcome potential student developers to discuss with us on our IRC channel, #paris-traceroute at, or via our developer mailing list in the Paris Traceroute Google Group. If you are interested in joining the Paris Traceroute team , please visit our development ideas page .


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